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  • We introduce our Official Sixth-Edition Competing Selection

    Here you’ll find the FICUNAM 2016 selection participating in its sections International Competition, Mexican Competition, and Feats. Film Schools Gathering.

  • Isaac Julien, multidisciplinary filmmaker

    Isaac Julien reflects on modern life problems through an stimulating relation between viewer, content, and material.

  • Leobardo López Aretche: Radically Individual

    Leobardo López Aretche is one of the most radical and, paradoxically, also one of the most discreet creators in the history of Mexican cinema.

  • Miguel Gomes, a cinematic kaleidoscope

    FICUNAM sixth edition will present a retrospective by portuguese filmmaker Miguel Gomes. (Photo: Sipa Press)

  • Marlen Khutsiev, an advocate for the poetic cause

    Marlen Khutsiev was born in Tbilisi, in the current Republic of Georgia, on October 4th, 1925, when that region was still a part of the USSR.



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